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It's Ok to not be OK

In a world where we are bombarded with perfect images of perfect lives on social media please please remember that is a projection of how these people want to be perceived, and often it is their job to look perfect because they are getting paid to. NO ONE, I mean NO ONE has the perfect life with the perfect family and "has it all together" In fact the people I know personally that have the "perfect" Instagram are quite the opposite. This image of perfection that is being spread around is not only unrealistic, it is creating unrealistic expectations of how we should look, act, and how we should feel. I sometimes get frustrated being a yoga teacher in this current day & age because I feel like I am sometimes automatically lumped into a category of people who are ego/image obsessed and only focus on "being the light" and "staying positive" when in reality that is just not reality. I am saddened by the fact that this ancient practice that actually teaches us to move beyond our ego and connect to our inner wisdom is being portrayed with so much ego. On another note; we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that human experience encompasses everything. Sadness, grief, anger, depression, joy, bliss, pleasure, jealousy, judgement, criticism, selfishness, self-sabotage, obsession, and the list goes on. We simple cannot escape these so-called "negative" feelings and emotions. These experiences are our greatest teachers. We can learn so much about ourselves when we acknowledge our darkness. We welcome them in, like dinner guests into our homes, but just like dinner guests in our homes, we don't let them stay forever. We let them in, we get to know them and then we say goodnight. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT judge yourself for feeling the way you feel, EVER. You are feeling what you are feeling because you are meant to feel it. To live it, to experience everything whether it feels good or not. There is this false perception that we should just feel good all the time, and when we don't we are doing something wrong. Dirty lies. However, I do encourage people to build a self-awareness practice through alone time, yoga, meditation, running, whatever you choose, so that you can begin the exploration of what is true to you, what lights you up, and what lines you need to draw in the sand to feel more connected to your inner truth. It is a process, a practice, and a life-long journey, so please be kind to yourself as you explore the layers of yourself. Be patient as you unveil hidden wounds, illusions, and stories you've told yourself to be true. Be compassionate with yourself as you awaken to whats underneath the roles you play, the image you portray, and the person who everyone thinks you are. Stop telling yourself that other people are perfect and "only if I had X Y & Z then I would be happy." Observe your thoughts and start to recognize that most of our thoughts are made-up illusions & bullshit stories that were created throughout our lifetime from our childhood that may not hold any truth! Become self-aware, because if you don't you will sleep through life getting tossed around from disillusion to depression to disconnection from yourself and the world and you'll start actin' a fool. Don't be that guy (or girl). Be wise, curious, and open, and free yourself from the disillusions fed to us by our society that wants us to be sleeping, wants us to not feel like we are enough so that we buy their products and we take their pills. Go against the grain by diligently taking care of yourself and loving yourself through every experience. Respect yourself enough to say no when it's right, and yes when it's right. How do you know when it's right? Self-awareness & alone time create clarity. Simple concept, a little more difficult to practice. But that's why it's a practice. Everyday, practice greater self-awareness, and see what magic (or misery!) unfolds. I love you.

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