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About Soulrise Movement

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About Kate

Hello! I'm Kate, founder of Soulrise Movement. I'm a lover, a feeler, a healer, and I am guided by my intuition and the Universe. I have been told that my superpowers are helping people feel nurtured, calm, and safe, as well as the ability to help people go deeper and find what is beneath the surface inhibiting their growth. I create a safe and sacred spaces for people to unravel from their conditioning and come home to their truth through yoga, permission to feel, rest & receive, flower essences, meditation, expression, ritual & ceremony. I value diving deep, being real, providing practical and applicable tools, and reminding myself and others to laugh and play! I am a yoga teacher that specializes in Kundalini for Women’s Health, Yin, Restorative & Gentle Vinyasa Flow. I am an entrepreneur, women’s circle facilitator, flower essence practitioner, nature lover, beagle Mom, Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising, Manifestor in Human Design & and ENFP. 

In my free time I love playing outside, taking my beagle Penny Lane on adventures, comedy, reading, traveling, dancing, cooking, spending time with my favorite humans, and being in or near any body of water. I love learning and my intention is to always keep an open heart and a curious mind. I'd love to know what lights you up, what weighs you down, and how you see the world. 

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