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What are
Flower Essences?


Flower Essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers. They are safe and natural plant medicine that facilitate profound emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing.

Flower essence can shift deep-seated beliefs and patterns that have often been imprinted in childhood and are affecting us in our adulthood. The essences work to bring these patterns to the surface (from the subconscious to the conscious mind), so that we can acknowledge, feel, process, release, and heal.

Just like every person has a spirit or essence, the same is true for every flower, tree, and plant. So, when one ingests a flower essence you are met spirit to spirit.

The Flower Essences come in liquid form and contain the vibrational essence of the particular flower or flowers solarized in water and mixed with brandy for preservation. They are most often taken in a dropper by mouth under the tongue, but can also be mixed with water or tea, added to bathwater or a humidifier, and sprayed or rubbed on soles of the feet, back of the neck, or wrists.

  • They are safe and beneficial for pregnant women, children, and even pets

  • They can be preserved without brandy (use vinegar instead)

  • They are gentle, safe, and rarely have any side effects

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Kristin K.

"Kate's skill, knowledge, and calming presence during our flower essence sessions were so grounding; she does a great job at connecting, and she is able to get to the heart of the matter so quickly. I was amazed at how gracefully these sessions were conducted."


Dusty W.

"Both the counseling sessions and flower essences were extremely helpful for me to overcome some obstacles, and everything was custom-tailored to my needs. Kate is an excellent listener, communicator and counselor!"

Shawnee R.

"Words can't describe the journey I've had with the flower essences. They hold the most potent, nurturing, needed medicine that allows you to work through the many different layers of your own healing and growth."


Featured Flowers Essence Blend

$25 for 0.5oz bottle
(lasts for a month)
Guided Cleanse & Protect Breath Practice included
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