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Ceremonies with Kate


I have always loved honoring thresholds in our lives and recognizing Rites of Passage through sacred ritual. This desire along with my work as a yoga teacher, healer, women's circle facilitator, and sacred space holder has guided me to leading sacred ceremony, specifically Rites of Passage such as Wedding Ceremonies, Blessing Ways (Mother Blessing), Baby Blessings & Bridal Blessings. Each ceremony is deeply personal for each couple, mother-to-be, or bride. I offer a variety of options of ideas for what to incorporate in each ceremony, and it is uniquely crafted to meet your specific intentions and desires.





















Officiating Weddings

My objective in officiating weddings is to create a sacred space and deeply honor the beautiful rite of passage the couple is stepping through together. Weddings can often feel busy and overwhelming and my intention is to invite each partner and the guests to be fully immersed in the sacredness and the beauty of the moment everyone is experiencing together. My intention in leading the ceremony is to slow down time, make it memorable, heart-felt, meaningful, and personal. I deeply desire to acknowledge, honor, and give reverence to these special moments in our lives. I enjoy adding in special touches that are personal to the couple and their families. These special touches can be family, religious, or cultural traditions. I enjoy the process of getting to know the couple and together crafting the type of ceremony that they are looking for. 











Blessing Way

Historically, a blessingway is an ancient Navajo (native American) ceremony, which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. The westernised version of this is the ‘Mother Blessing.’ A blessingway is all about nurturing and connecting heart to heart with the mother. Filling her cup so it overflows with love and confidence as she awaits the impending birth of her baby. She’s so much more than a vessel to bring a baby into this world. She’s a woman becoming a mother. A woman who is nourished, nurtured and given lots of love has more love to give in return, to her baby, her loved ones, and the world as a whole. There’s nothing like a circle of loving women to get that delicious hormone, oxytocin, (the hormone of labor, but also love and bonding) flowing! Blessingway ceremonies are a beautiful and unique way to honour a mother-to-be, spending time with her, sharing stories, debriefing fears and to instil confidence and strength. 




















Baby Blessing

This is a beautiful ceremony that is a non-denominational way to bless and honor this new life that the parents are welcoming into the world. This can be a large gathering with family and friends or a small intimate ceremony with your closest loved ones. It may incorporate a special poem, prayer or blessing, a naming ceremony, special ritual to connect to the land, vows from the parents and family, and well wishes for the child from friends and family. 



Bridal Blessing

A ceremony for the bride-to-be. Many brides are desiring for their Bridesmaids 'parties' to be more intentional and sacred. This is a ceremony where the bride can invite her bridesmaids, closest friends, or closest female relatives. This is a beautiful opportunity for each friend or loved one to share kind words, blessings, gifts, prayers, and well wishes for the bride.This is often arranged by the maid of honor or a close friend or relative. Similar to the Blessing Way, it provides the bride with an opportunity to feel safe, supported, and held in sisterhood and gives her the courage and confidence needed to step fully into this next phase of her life. 

If you want to have a ceremony or sacred ritual around any other Rite of Passage besides what is listed here please let me know! I can lead ceremony for; birthday, retirement, celebration of life, divorce, anything really! Life should be celebrated and honored and I would love to create sacred space for you in any capacity. Let's connect!

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