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Committing to this Path

Committing to this path means taking care of myself. Loving myself. Slowing down, breathing, writing, dancing. It means not getting sucked into external distractions. It means saying no sometimes. It means saying yes sometimes. It means showing up for myself everyday. It means honoring my body. It means getting plenty of rest. It means creating a deep connection with others. It means speaking my truth no matter how scary and how difficult it is. It means loving myself through it all; through the fuck-ups and the tough days, especially the tough days. It means being aware when I make a mistake and owning that shit. It means being true to myself regardless of outside opinions and influences. It means being honest with myself. It means ridding of the word "should". It means not giving up when shit gets real. It means facing and embracing my wounds and my darkness as much as my light. It means being present with what is. It means trusting that I am exactly where I need to be and that I have everything I need. It means believing in myself and disassociating from the stories that hold me back and keep me stuck. It means giving myself permission to love people from afar. It means accepting things as they are, especially if its not what I wanted or expected. It means nourishing and moving my body everyday, and checking in with my mind, thoughts & emotions. It means trusting myself. It means embracing challenges, struggles, and obstacles as important steps along the way. It means not letting the darkness of the world get me down. It means listening to quiet voice within. It means opening my heart and being vulnerable. It means sharing my light with the world. It means slowing down enough to listen to voice inside and being brave enough to share it with the world.

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