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Tue, Jan 11


Livestream via Zoom


A 40-day Kundalini journey for women on deeply loving yourself, feeling limitless, and reclaiming your power

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Time & Location

Jan 11, 2022, 5:30 PM PST – Feb 15, 2022, 7:30 PM PST

Livestream via Zoom

About The Event

You have traveled too fast over false ground, now your soul has come to take you back. -John O'Donahue

Women are waking up. Women are realizing how much our conditioning -- both from our childhood and our society, is holding us back. We are holding ourselves back, because we struggle with our self-worth, confidence, and fully believing in our capacity. We are realizing that we have been living within the limitations created by our subconscious mind, our upbringing, and our society. We are also realizing that there is another way. That we can break free from this conditioning. We can unravel from these limitations, and not only that we can but that we must. Covid has drastically changed the world. People had been forced to slow down and look at themselves and their lives more closely, and we asked ourselves...wait, is this the job for me? Is this the relationship for me? Is this where I want to live, how I want to live? We are all in a place where we are building what is true and beautiful for us and co-creating a better world to live in. 

This is why I have created UNBOUND - a 40-day journey for women. I believe that women are getting fed up and that we want to experience more freedom, joy, and meaning in our lives. We want our voices to be heard. We want respect. We want adventure, pleasure, and play. We are sick of being judged, feeling like we need to meet some unattainable goal of looking, acting, and being the perfect mom, partner, friend, etc. Women are exhausted trying to keep up with taking care of everyone else, societal standards, and we are sick of feeling like we are not good enough. 

Being UNBOUND means that we honor the phase we are in, meet ourselves where we are at with compassion, but open ourselves up to healing and new beginnings. Being UNBOUND is where we reclaim our power, we love ourselves deeply, we stop people pleasing, we aren't afraid to speak up, we say no and set boundaries. Being UNBOUND means taking care of your own needs (without guilt), getting plenty of rest, taking time for pleasure and play, and no longer seeking external validation. Being UNBOUND means you know that you have everything you need within you. Being UNBOUND means aligning with the truth of your being, knowing your worth, and believing in yourself. Being UNBOUND means having the clarity, courage and confidence to go after what you want. Being UNBOUND is knowing yourself, knowing your power, knowing your capacity, and unapolagetically being you. When we are UNBOUND we discover our gifts and we share them with the world. We express ourselves creatively, we don't compete with other women--we support them. We are not afraid of our shadow. We are not afraid of our fierceness. We assert ourselves when we need to. We ask for help when we need it. We open ourselves to receive. We give ourselves permission to feel all the feels.  

UNBOUND is a 40-day (or 6 week) Kundalini journey for women. There are 3 key elements in the UNBOUND program that when put together are the guiding force behind the transformation that will occur for everyone who joins UNBOUND; 1) Daily Sadhana, 2) Kriya 3) Sisterhood/Support. The intention is to offer practices and a safe space for us to begin this unraveling and discovering all that is not true and beautiful for us so we can create space to start dreaming and creating a life that we feel excited about. A life where we feel fulfilled, balanced, confident, and supported. The Kundalini Kriyas are potent for transformation, it is said that Kundalini "shakes you up and wakes you up". 

1) Daily Sadhana - you will receive a daily practice to do during the 40-days. It can be done a minimum of 3 mins and a maximum of 11 mins. This will be a non-negotioable commitment, and you will have accountability partners to keep you on track. Our Daily Sadhana connects us to ourselves first thing in the morning, builds inner strength and stability, grounds and centers us, and can have an incredibly positive impact on our mood and our energy.

2) Kriya - We will come together every Tuesday night to practice a new Kundalini Kriya together. Kriya means action, in Kundalini Yoga a kriya is a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome. Practicing a kriya initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. There are kriyas that support the liver, balance the glandular system, make you radiant, stimulate the pituitary, increase the flexibility of the spine, and many more. Each kriya has a different effect, but all work on all levels of your being.

3) Sisterhood/Support - This is a safe space for us to connect, share what is present in our lives, and the challenges we are facing. There will be dedicated time to discuss and share, guided by certain themes and journal prompts. This is a potent part of the healing journey. In these safe spaces we begin to see that we all have similar struggles and we realize we are not alone, and we don't have to carry shame and guilt around. We can begin to shed our self-sabotaging ways, quiet the inner critic, and build trust with ourselves again. And we build a web of support, so throughout the journey we feel seen, understood, and supported. 

How does it work?

  • We will meet every Tuesday evening between Dec 28-Feb 1 at 5:30pm PST. 
  • You will receive a video of our Daily Sadhana to do at home. You will actually receive 2 videos for this; one shorter one of just the meditation, and one longer one with meditaiton and movement -- (depending on how much time you have each morning will determine which one you will do.)
  • You will have an accountability buddy. You will check in with each other daily to make sure you did the practice. You will also have weekly check-ins with your buddy so you have space to share more about your experience and anything that is coming up. 
  • You will also have unlimited access to my weekly livestream Kundalini class on Wednesday's 8-9am during the duration of the 40-days. 
  • You will receive a flower essence blend to support your energetic, emotional, and spirtual transformation. 
  • Additional classes, guest speakers, and bonuses may come up throughout the 40 days!


  • $444 
  • Payment plans available. (Pay $111 to secure your space)
  • $333 for AWAKEN guests

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unable to make it to all of the sessions?

If you are only going to miss 1 or 2 then it's not an issue, any more than that might be pushing it. Much of the magic happens when we gather together to do our practice and share. I of course understand that you have a busy life and you might miss 1 or 2, but if you know will miss more than that then this might not be the series for you. If you still really want to join send me a message and let's discuss!

Is it safe for pregnant women?

This series is not great for pregnant women. There are great pre-natal practices for pregnant women, so I would recommend booking private sessions with me for that. If you are seeking the community and you don't mind modifying the practices often then I fully support you joining. If you are joining to hope to get a lot out of the practices then I would recommend not joining because you will need to modify often. Let's chat if you feel really called to join and make sure it would be a good fit for you. 

I've never done Kundalini, do I need experience?

Nope! Brand new, beginner, seasoned Kundalini students are all welcomed. You don't need any experience. I will offer plenty of modifications and I always encourage students to know their limitations in their practice and to honor them and take good care of their bodies. 

If you have any other questions please reach out! You can book a clarity call with me here or email me at


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    UNBOUND (1st Session)

  • 2 hours

    UNBOUND (2nd Session)

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