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Thu, Apr 21



Sacred Remembering

8-week transformational series with yoga, meditation, flower essence therapy, human design, inner parts work & shadow work to up level your life

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Sacred Remembering
Sacred Remembering

Time & Location

Apr 21, 2022, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Truckee, 12315 Deerfield Dr Unit 6, Truckee, CA 96161, USA

About The Event

Sacred Remembering is an 8-week series in a small, intimate, group container of women with an intention to provide a safe space for us to go deeper into our personal healing and growth journey. The group container provides us with a safe space to reflect, relate, connect, and feel supported as we unveil the patterns that are holding us back and remember and recognize our strengths and deepest desires. 

This series introduces participants to a variety of tools, resources and practices to guide women deeper into understanding their inner world, their blocks, patterns, and limitations as well as their strengths, passions, and purpose. 

Here is a general overview of the structure of the series; 

Each group session will build on the previous session, yet sometimes we will will need to revisit and review what we went over before--as the healing path is not linear! The first 2- 3 weeks we will be focused on grounding, stabilizing, feeling safe and connected to our bodies, and understand who we are through human design and self-discvovery. The next 3-4 weeks we will focus on understanding what parts of us need to be acknowledged, felt, processed, and released. What limiting beliefs are holding us back? The final 2-3 weeks we will focus on recognzing and remembering our deepest desires, passion, purpose, strengths and how we can live in alignment with who we are meant to be and step fully into our power. 

A little bit about me, my journey, this series and why I deeply desire to share this offering with you:

I have been curious about healing, growth, and self-discovery since I  was a child. I remember hanging out with my friends as a child feeling like something was missing and that I wanted to go deeper, which of course at the time I did not understand. I took my 1st Kundalini yoga class at age  21 and that started me on a path that completely transformed my life. Fast-forward to now, I have dedicated my life's work to this and I've been learning, discovering  peeling back the layers ever since. If you have been on the healing path you probably have heard the analogy that the path to healing and self-discovery is like the peeling back an onion, there are layers and layers and more layers--and it's a continuous unfolding journey of discovery. For myself, the most potent healing I have had did not happen by myself in my room doing my yoga, meditation, prayers, journaling etc. (although, that has been an invaluable part of my journey!). The most potent healing has occurred in sacred containers with a group of women. As women we conciously and unconsciously carry so much shame around not being good enough; a good enough partner, employee, boss, mom, friend, etc. Societal pressure, whether we are aware of it or not, wears us down and makes us question our worth. From the time we are born we are taught that we are separate from Great Sprit/God/Source/The Divine, and we spend our lives battling with our ego (small self), and we struggle to remember that we are innately divine beings, and all that we need to do is remember. We have within us everything we need, we just need to remember. Which brings me to Sacred Remembering, a series to guide you home to remembering you are a sacred and divine being, and it's time to start recognizing it and acting like it! The practices offered provide us with the foundation and a structure that helps us remember our divinity everyday, the group container provides us with the support and encouragement that we need to confidently trust ourselves, manifest our deepest desires, and live in alignment with our purpose. 

What's included;

  • A 60-min 1:1 Human Design Reading with Aeray (read about Human Design here)
  • Three 60-min 1:1 Flower Essence Counseling Sessions with Kate with a PDF of customized practices and affirmations to do at home (read more about Flower Essences here) Two of these sessions will be offered during our series and one session after the series. This will offer you some continued guidance and support for once the series is over. 
  • Three customized Flower Essence Blends to support your specific needs and desires
  • Accountability partner - to help you stay consistent with a daily practice and someone to connect with 1:1 throughout the series
  • 8 Group Sessions that will consist of yoga, meditation, discussion. We will have 3 guest guides for 4 out of the 8 total sessions;
  1. Laurel Lococco | Integral Psychotherapy | - For 2 of our group sessions Laurel will be guiding us through Inner Parts Work - diving deep into understanding how our childhood is affecting us as adults, and the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding us back.
  2. Meaghan Thompson | Shadow Work Queen & Akashic Record Practitioner | - Meaghan will be guiding us through understanding our Shadow Archetype and offer a workshop on Shadow Work Made Easy. 
  3. Aeray Lumm | Human Design Expert | - Everyone in Sacred Remembering will have a 1:1 with Aeray but she will also be offering a Human Design Workshop with some general insights into what human design is all about and how we can apply it to our lives in a practical way. 

I am honored to invite these amazing women to share their gifts with us, as they have all been an integral part of my personal healing journey. 

There will be a mix of different styles of yoga, movement, and embodiment practices offered during our group sessions. All yoga and movement is for all-levels and modifications will be offered. I always encourage students to honor their limitations. We may practice any or all of the following: gentle vinyasa, kundalini, yin & restorative yoga, breathwork, feminine embodiment practices, dance, chi-gong and meditation.

Who is this series for;

  • Women who have been on a personal growth path and feel like they are ready to go deeper and have real transformation.
  • Women who are ready to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns holding them back
  • Women who are ready to step fully into their purpose and their power
  • Women interested in connecting more deeply with their intuition and finding clarity
  • Women in a life transition needing more support
  • Women ready to release fear and live more courageously and confidently
  • Women struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, stress, feeling lost, stuck, confused, or discouraged.

Who is this series NOT for;

  • Women currently experiencing severe depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, or are currently in an unsafe living situation or abusive relationship . Please seek professional help and reach out to loved ones if this is you. 
  • Women who are not ready to take honest inventory of their lives and take self-responsibility. 
  • Women who are not ready for the inner work and committment that it takes to uplevel their lives.



Payment options;

-Pay in full

-Pay $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your space, pay $688 on April 7

-Flexible payments plans available, please inquire. You may email me at

How to sign up?

Before signing up I'd like to get on a quick 15-minute call to ensure this series is the right fit for you. Please book your call here (choose clarity call option) 

After our call you many choose from one of the 3 payment options. 

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