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Tue, Nov 03


Online Event


3-month journey for women to feel whole, worthy & empowered

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Time & Location

Nov 03, 2020, 5:30 PM PST – Jan 26, 2021, 7:00 PM PST

Online Event


About The Event

A 3-month journey for women to feel whole, worthy & empowered from within

This is a course designed to offer a safe space for you to anchor deeply into self, stabilize your emotions, cultivate courage & resilience, and receive support through sisterhood. In this series you will gain clarity on limitations, needs, & deepest desires, discover & reclaim your inner truth, and rise as an embodied & empowered woman in a transforming world. We will utilize this time together to get clear on the parts of us that need tenderness and compassion, to complete patterns, habits and limiting beliefs that are holding us back, learn to befriend our shadows, and step fully into the world as an empowered and awakened woman. Allow yourself to receive the support that is needed to navigate the stress and heaviness of our time. Give yourself what you need to not only survive but also to thrive through the challenges we are facing together today. You will learn sacred practices that are practical and adapted to fit into your busy lifestyle. This series is for women who are ready for real transformation; whether it is just a simple healthy lifestyle shift, deeping into yourself and your healing, or a major life change such as career, relationship, move, etc. This course is open to all those who identify as a woman.

When: November 3 - Jan 26, Group Sessions held online every Tuesday 5:30-7pm PST (with one week off each month for rest and integration)

Where: Online via Zoom

Schedule: (These dates will not change, but the guest speakers & themes are subject to change)

Tuesday 11/3 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST - Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 11/10 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST - Light Code Activation w/Meaghan Thompson

Tuesday 11/17 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST


Tuesday 12/1 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST - EFT Workshop w/Stephanie Dodds

Tuesday 12/8 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST

Tuesday 12/15 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST - Astrology Report w/Kacy Danae


Tuesday 12/29 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST

Tuesday 1/5 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST - Rise & Thrive w/ Karen Caton-Brunings

Tuesday 1/12 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST


Tuesday 1/26 5:30-7pm PST / 8:30-10PM EST - Closing Ceremony

What's included in the series;

  • LIVE GROUP SESSIONS - held online via Zoom, which will consist of yoga and/or mindful movement, meditation, short lecture on theme & topics of that month, and space for sharing and discussion, as well as guest speakers (see guest speakers below)
  • Two 30-minute yoga videos per month with unlimited access aligned with the theme + unlimited access to additional yoga videos
  • One 60-minute personalized Astrology Session with Kacy Danae
  • 1 : 1 mentoring every month
  • A personalized Flower Essence Formula each month for emotional processing and balancing, energetic cleansing, and processing trauma, curated for you to address your specific needs and desires
  • Freedom of flexibility - access live or on your own time
  • Personalized daily practice for each month & accountability
  • & Guided moon rituals (video), journal prompts, community, unlimited support & more!

About your guide Kate:

I create a safe and sacred space for women to unravel from their conditioning and come home to their truth through yoga, permission to feel, rest & receive, flower essences, meditation, expression & ceremony. I whole-heartedly believe in the great healing power of sisterhood.          I value diving deep, being real, providing practical and applicable tools, and reminding myself and others to laugh and play. I am a yoga teacher that specializes in Kundalini for Women’s Health, Yin, Restorative & Gentle Vinyasa Flow. I am an entrepreneur, women’s circle facilitator, flower essence counselor, nature lover, beagle Mom, Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Capricorn Rising and a Manifestor in Human Design, and deeply passionate about the fact that uplifting women will uplift humanity and create a happier and more conscious world for us to live in.

Guest Speakers/Badass Babes/Magical Witches:

Kacy Danae, Astrologist

Hi, I’m Kacy Danae and I use Astrology and Herbalism to help womxn access their innate gifts, identify and remove the blockages that hold them back, and clarify what steps they need to take right now to live their most incredible life. All of my practices are rooted in the firm belief that you are capable, extraordinary, and that you can rise & thrive in every season of your life with the right guidance and support.

Meaghan Thompson, Boss Witch Clarity Queen

Meg Thompson helps impatient heart centered witches get clear AF about their purpose to go from healing to healer in her Unconventional Magic School Soul Purpose Academy. She loves to help women reclaim their TIME, magic, & purpose to FINALLY heal from self-sabotage, self doubt and past traumas that cause present life drama. Her Podcast "This Crazy Little Thing Called Life" is in over 50 countries and 300 cities. Meg homeschools her 9 year old and chases around her toddler on her mini farm in the Sierra Valley.

Karen Caton-Brunings, Life Coach

My name is Karen Caton-Brunings. I am a certified life and health coach, fitness trainer, public speaker, and author with over 20 years of experience in health education, fitness instruction, fitness training, and life coaching. My passion is empowering clients to be BRAVE (Bold, Real, Authentic, Vulnerable, and Evolving) as they walk through the dynamic process of becoming self-aware through powerful conversations, deep coaching, and movement.

After spending 20 years struggling with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and people- pleasing, I began my own journey of self-exploration and transformation through coaching. Now I am committed to helping others step into their own extraordinary by shedding old stories to create a beautiful, authentic, and meaningful life. In my spare time, I am an outdoor recreation enthusiast and Mom to 2 daughters, Zoë (19), Jorja (16).

Stephanie Dodds, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Transformation Life Coach

Steph is an EFT Tapping Educator & Practitioner. Steph’s EFT courses are featured on The Daily Om, and in the school she founded, the Emotional Freedom Academy. After her 15 years’ experience as a Wellness Coach, Health Educator & Holistic Nutritionist, Steph found that the missing component to success for most was the emotional component behind lifestyle choices. This is why she has fallen completely in love with EFT, created “Tapping with Steph” YouTube channel, and is passionate about helping others break through limiting beliefs with these powerful and life changing tools. She is very passionate about YOU being your beautiful self and sharing your unique awesomeness with the world. You can find her hanging out around midtown Sacramento, Ca enjoying local food, yoga, and teaching herself how to garden.

Time Commitment:

  • 90 minutes 3x per month (We meet once a week with one week off for rest and integration)
  • 3-5 minutes every day for your daily practice
  • 60 minutes 1x each month for 1 : 1 mentoring session
  • 60 minutes 1x over the entire course for your Astrology session
  • Time for journaling (your choice)
  • Additional time for your personal yoga & meditation practice


  • $997
  • - or - $333 / month for the 3-month payment plan
  • - or - $200 / month for the 5-month payment plan
  • -or-  $200 deposit to secure your spot, $797 due on Nov 3
  • I am flexible and can work with you on a payment plan if none of these work for you, let’s chat
  • I accept payment via Venmo @kateleist or PayPal

Monthly themes

Month 1:       Root & Rest

Element:       Earth

Energy Center:    Root / Muladhara

This month is dedicated to building a solid and strong foundation, stabilizing the nervous system, grounding deeply into self, and giving ourselves FULL permission to REST. We will work with the Earth elements, practices designed to open and heal the Root Chakra, and poses and practices that help us slow down so that we can listen to the wisdom of our body and begin to cultivate clarity and understanding of where our needs are not being met in our lives and what aspects of our lives currently need to be tended to.

Month 2: Release & Receive

Element: Water

Energy Center: Sacral / Svadhistana

This month is dedicated to identifying patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that are no longer serving you and/or holding you back from stepping fully into your power. We will work with the element of water to create more fluidity and flow within our bodies and minds. We will honor the completion of the habits, patterns, and thoughts we are ready to release. Instead of the traditional ‘just let go’ spiritual approach we will instead identify these patterns, where they may have come from, identify how they may have helped us in our personal growth path, and express our gratitude for them and the role they have played in our growth. We will work with sacred feminine flow, honoring the cyclical nature of women. As we shed layers of untruths the truth begins to reveal itself, begin to awaken our creative potential, get in touch with our more sensual and playful self, and become less rigid with our need to control, we learn to allow the river to flow and trust that we are safe to let go, allow, and receive.

Month 3: Reclaim & Rise

Element: Fire

Energy Center: Solar Plexus / Manipura

This month is dedicated to finding clarity, confidence and courage to initiate the change and action necessary for you to step into your power and live your dreams. Now that we have shed & released and created a safe & grounded place we have arrived in a new space of clarity and can begin the process of igniting the inner fire and working on what courageous action we can take towards our dreams. This month we will focus on planting seeds, crafting our vision, setting intentions, and discovering & manifesting our wildest dreams & desires. We will also focus on cultivating courage & confidence, navigating conflict, embracing change, setting boundaries, expanding our innate power and energy and well as protecting and preserving it. What would it feel like to step fully into your power? What would your life be like if you were anchored in your truth and living fully in your power? We explore these questions together and create the container of support and inspiration needed to awaken us to live our lives from the truest and fullest expression of our soul.


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