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Welcome to Soulrise Movement

A sanctuary for your Soul

This is a safe and welcoming no-judgement space offering simple yoga, meditation, breath work, sacred circles, flower essences, and counseling designed to guide you home to you. This is where you come to feel whole again. This is a sacred space for cultivating connection with yourself and finding community with like-minded souls also on the same path. 

We offer online and in-person classes, workshops, series, retreats, private sessions, group private sessions, and 1:1 counseling. We have a variety of free and paid offerings so there is something for everyone. We believe these practices and tools should be accessible to anyone and everyone who needs them. We are glad you landed on this little corner of the interweb and we are honored to have you here. 

Welcome Home.

The Pillars of Soulrise Movement


Hi, i'm Kate!

Hello & Welcome! I am the founder of Soulrise Movement. Through diving deep into my own healing journey I have discovered that my purpose in this lifetime is to help others remember their wholeness and live the fullest expression of their true nature. 

I create sacred spaces for students to feel safe, supported, and guided through whatever life phase they are in. I meet my students where they are at, and I encourage them to meet themselves where they are at; with compassion and curiosity. If you are reading this trust that you have been guided here. I am honored to have you and I look forward to connecting with you.

What it means to come home to you...

Through societal conditioning, childhood trauma, our lack of connection to nature, and a whole host of other influences, many of us have lost our way. We are living our lives wondering how we got to where we are, longing for more without really even knowing what we are longing for. We find ourselves so disconnected that we don't know who we truly are, what we truly desire, or how to find it. We find ourselves on auto-pilot and we avoid ourselves by any means possible; over-working, addiction, social media, sex. Perhaps you're in an unhappy marriage, relationship or job and you're too scared to admit it. Perhaps you have the job, the house, and you've checked all the boxes of what a 'normal' persons life should be like, but something feels like it's missing. Perhaps you have found yourself at a crossroads in your life and you are not sure what to do next. Perhaps you've experienced some significant trauma and you are are not sure how to navigate it all and heal. Perhaps you have been on the healing path for a long time and you are still struggling with the same stubborn limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. Perhaps you're tired of being burntout and you want to find a more balanced and sustainable way to live. Perhaps you have everything you need and you feel content but you are ready to connect more deeply with your purpose and your passion.


We've seen all of these scenarios, and we want you to know that you are not alone. 

That longing you have, that voice inside that won't shut up...listen to it. Have the courage to listen to it and start taking small steps. We are here to support you for wherever you are on your life path. We are here to help you unravel from anything that is not serving you, and help you reconnect with yourself; your true nature, your deepest desires, your purpose.

Coming home to you is about remembering who you truly are so that you can live the fullest expression of your being.

And we would like to help get you there. 

Work with Me



"Kate will open a door to the hallway you didn't know was there, right inside of yourself. Can't wait to practice more in the future together."

Rebecca Bobadilla


Ask what makes you come alive, and you go do it because what the world needs is the people who have come alive.

-Howard Thurman

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