Gentle Flow, Wednesdays 9:30-10:45am

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A 3-month journey for women to feel whole, worthy & empowered from within

Nov 3-Jan 26


Check back soon as I am currently working on adding more classes and I'm launching a monthly membership very soon!

Student Testimonials 

"Kate's work is like medicine for the soul. Every time I attend one of her classes or workshops, I leave feeling like my innermost being just took a long, hot, soothing bath. I honestly don't know her secret, but somehow she has the uncanny ability to consistently curate the perfect energy and atmosphere in the room. If it were a magic potion, the ingredients would be: 2 heaping scoops of safety and security, a healthy pinch of spice to get things moving, some tonic herbs for nourishment, catharsis, and growth, a bunch of know-how, and a whopping dollop of encouragement and unconditional love straight from the heart. 10 out of 10. Highly recommended!"

"She is a well rounded teacher with such varied classes. You will find her grounded, down to earth, and quick to laugh. All of her classes are non-pretentious and planned with care. You can tell she has a passion for yoga." -Kristen D.

Yoga with Kate rocks my bod! She's a kind, considerate teacher who understands students have their own limitations and encourages them to practice within them. -Isaac F.

Kate is a wonderful teacher. She comes from experience and knowledge. The best classes were the ones where she taught not from the book but from a place of "knowing", knowing that it was the divine order and knowing it was what I needed in my journey and knowing that it would bring about the best results. She is fabulous at Kundalini! -Neta B.