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What is Embodied Woman?

Embodied Woman offers a safe and sacred container for women to be guided and feel supported and held so she may have space to acknowledge all parts of herself, accept, let go, trust, and embody her wholeness, her essence, her true radiant self. 

Embodied Woman is a 40-day guided journey utilizing a combination of weekly group practice, individual daily practice, flower essences, self-reflection, and more designed to help women breakthrough their blocks, release limiting beliefs, cultivate deeper connection to themselves and others, and guide her to remembering her wholeness and reclaiming her purpose and power. 






For the duration of the series the women will be given a daily Kundalini meditation practice (also known as Sadhana) that can be done between 3-11 minutes, and is provided to be an anchor for each woman to create grounding and stability everyday. Each woman will be assigned an accountability partner to help her commit and stay devoted to her Sadhana. A part of the daily practice will include taking a customized Flower Essence Blend that is designed to support the healing process through allowing suppressed emotions and emotional blockages to be acknowledged, felt, safely integrated, and released this creating space for flow, abundance, and aligning with out our higher self.

Each group practice will be slightly different, but will always consist of the following; A grounding practice, yoga, feminine embodiment practices, meditation, journaling, sharing & discussion, and deep rest. The group sessions offer us a safe space to share what is present, challenges, and also realizations and celebrations. Each woman is invited to show up exactly as she is, without any expectations. The group sessions provide a beautiful space of support and no judgement zone that allows you to be fully you. You are not expected to be positive, perfect, or 'put together'. We are de-conditioning from the outdated societal expectations that keep us stuck. And the group energy for this decondition is potent and transformative. Cost of the series is $333. Payment plans are available, please contact me if you are interested in the payment plan option. 

We meet every Wednesday evening 5:30-7:30pm starting October 19th at my new space in lower Tahoe Donner! It's called Sacred Rebel Collective. We officially open in October. 

        Weekly in-person group practice that is nourishing & transformational. Each session is 2 hours and includes yoga, Kundalini Kriyas, feminine embodiment movement, meditation, discussion, and journaling.

       One 60-min 1:1 session with Kate that includes a guided grounding & relaxation and counseling to discover where you need support and guidance and to set an aligned intention for the duration of the series.

       One daily practice for you to commit to for the duration of the series, called Sadhana. It is a simple Kundalini meditation that can be done for 3, 5, or 11 minutes (depending on how much time you have that day). This daily practice will be your anchor and provide a solid foundation for you as you commit to your self-care and personal growth. You will be assigned accountability partners to keep you on track with your daily practice. 

       A grounding & calming flower essence blend to take daily throughout the series. This will be a part of your Sadhana (daily practice). This essence is calming for the mind and the nervous system, helps you connect to your body, and ease anxiety and the stress of daily life. 

       Accountability & support. Your accountability parter is to help you stay committed to your daily practice, and also to be someone to connect with and share throughout the series. The practices we do together and individually will bring suppressed and unresolved emotions and trauma to the surface for you to acknowledge, integrate, and heal. A powerful piece of this journey is that you are not alone, and you'll notice that your partner and other members of the group may be experiencing similar realizations, openings, and awakenings. Having space to share your experience and he seen, heard, and understood is an incredible piece of this series that provides a beautiful opportunity for you to heal. 

       An opportunity to begin or deepen your spiritual practice and learn about ritual, prayer, intention, and manifestation. 

       Sisterhood & support. An opportunity for meaningful, intimate, and deep discussion.

Some examples of the the Kundalini Kriyas we will be practicing: Heal the nervous system, Clear the subconscious mind, Release Fear, Clear the chakras and their corresponding organs, Cultivate creativity, and more. 


I have been guiding women through workshops, series, retreats, circles, and flower essence sessions for over 7 years and it is truly my life's work. I am deeply honored and divinely guided to bringing women together or individually guiding them to remember their wholeness and embody their power. I have witnessed incredible transformations and it brings me great joy. If you are resonating with any of these words and feeling called but having some resistance (totally normal) then please text me at 530-414-5929 to arrange a clarity call. No pressure. These experiences can be intimidating as they require our courage, commitment, and vulnerability. I assure you that if you feel called and are willing then the universe has guided you here and it's time that you answer to that call. 

If you are interested in finding out more information, get on the waitlist, and to receive exclusive early-bird pricing please enter your email below. Sliding scale options and payments plans are available. Registration officially opens on September 19th, space is limited. 

"Kate has a gift for creating space for people to grow. Through her leadership and teaching techniques I felt safe and joyful enough to allow my vulnerability to be shared where true healing and growth lives and blossoms. We all heal through storytelling and Kate brings together a community where that healing is paramount. Taking a break and creating time for growth and self discovery is important in all of our lives. I can not recommend Kate enough. Connection, healing, movement, storytelling, support, community, nourishment...if you are seeking these things you will find it with Soulrise Movement" -Heather A.

"Kate has a gift for holding sacred space for you to transform and heal your life. She is delicate, sweet, funny, and relatable. I love working with Kate. She makes me feel safe, seen, held, and loved. Highly recommend this beautiful instructor and healer at any stage of your life." -Marissa M.

"Kate will open a door to the hallway you didn't know was there, right inside of yourself. Can't wait to practice more in the future together." -Rebecca B. 

"I feel such an overwhelming amount of love and energy overflowing from my soul since the retreat. I feel connected to myself and am able to see myself in everyone and everything. I’m so grateful to have been apart of this." -Jazmyn B.

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