Dear Women,

Honor yourself. 
You matter.

Do you hear me? Read that again if it didn’t click. 

Your choices and your voice matters. The only way we are going to get through this beautiful mess is if you honor yourself. 

All parts of you. 
All phases of you. 
All moods, 
all mistakes, 
all triumphs, 
all emotions. 

We live in a world that profits off our insecurity and our fears. They want us to feel powerless. 

Well, I say fuck that shit! 

I have felt insecure, incapable, powerless, like I don’t matter and nothing I do matters. It’s a terrible feeling. And the thing is—it’s not true. 

I do matter. 
I am important. 
I belong. 
I have important work to do in this lifetime.
So are you. 
So do you. 

It’s these made-up stories that keep us living small.

Fuck. That. Shit. 

Woman, let us unravel from these stories and reclaim our truth 
No more living small. 
No more hiding.